Auction Info

Please give auctions a few hours to process before checking out.
To place a bid put in your bid amount and click the place bid button or Click place automatic bid and you bids will be placed automatically. ( for example: If you put $10 in the automatic bid if someone bids $7 It will automatically bid $8 for you. All the way up to $10)
To view your bid or see who is the highest bidder click Bid(s)
Click the black area under cart to close this window
 To view all your auctions please click the View Account link.
Then click View Your Bids
To check out please allow a few hours for auctions to process then view your account and click view your bids. Then click Winning Auctions.
Then check select all and click buy all and all items will be added to your cart. You can then check out.
 Upon checking out you can select  Add to my box ( bill me later for shipping) If you wish to keep adding to save on shipping.